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An hour-long session with customized instruction that focuses on your needs. Our private sessions are a great way

to augment the group classes, which are more of a fast-paced cardio workout. We will start with the very basics of boxing, from stance to punch technique, and progress to other fundamentals: head movement, defense, shadowboxing, and mitt work. Private training will help propel your skill set to new heights.

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Focusing on several different aspects of boxing, our group classes will help you refine your skills, all the while helping you add to them. They vary from day to day, straying from the classic "repetitive" style of training that tends to get boring. These hour-long sessions will build your endurance and condition your body, getting you in tiptop shape! ​

A typical class begins with a swift warm-up, which ranges from jumping rope, to the treadmill, or the spin bike. Then we'll move on to the day's agenda. Active rest periods in between each round will keep your heart rate up, as you will perform drills that target different body parts. An ab routine is consistent with every one of our classes, as we cannot stress the importance of a strong core. 
Email us to set up a FREE trial: info@sweatboxbrooklyn.com